NOTE:  Contact the Webmistress HERE  if you experience

ANY problems with Pre-Registration or with Pre-Payment.


To Pre-Register & Pre-Pay Event Fees ~

Pre-Registraion is NOW OPEN!

If paying for more than one person, list who is being

paid for on Registration Form - including yourself!


Fees for Ponies On The Delta ~ IV

Thursday, April 04 - Sunday, April 07, 2019!

Every Individual MUST Pre-Register for themself! 

Pre-Register & Pre-Pay ✹ BEST DEAL ✹

 *CHOOSE from Pre-Paid Prices*:

~ Singles: $60

~ Teams (pony/handler, puppy handler) or Couples: $100


Wish to Pre-Register & Pay when you Arrive?

Indicate on your Registration Form that you wish to pay upon arrival.

Also, indicate the names of those you will be paying for when you arrive.

~ Price Per Person:  $70 - Pay-On-Arrival

Indicate "Pay-On-Arrival" on Registrarion Form!


✹ Pre-Register 


Deadline to Pre-Register & Pre-Pay Event Fees is

March 28, 2019 at 11:59!

 If paying for more than one person, list who is being

paid for on Registration Form - including yourself!


Pre-Pay Event Fees


See above for Deadline!


To Pre-Pay for Meal Plans



You will need to PRE-PAY for your Meal Plans as this will help the food

vendor to know folk’s preferences, etc. (see NOTE #1 below).

To Pre-Pay, you can do so via PayPal (use the "friends & family" option so

no PayPal fees are charged to you or the food vendor) to:


NOTE #1: When purchasing Meal Plans, please indicate if gluten-free, vegan,

or kosher is required, and any other requests (ie: please have a certain soft drink or snack in stock).

Meal plan ~


~ Concessions will be open Wednesday ("Anytime Menu") by request.
~ Breakfast will be available Thursday, Friday, and Monday mornings.
~ Lunch will be available Thursday through Sunday.
~ Dinner will be available Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.
~ The "Anytime Menu" will be available Wednesday through Monday.
~~ Plastic and PayPal will be accepted on-site for snacks, drinks, or the "Anytime Menu" Items with a $10 minimum purchase.




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