Last Update: January 18, 2017!

More details will be posted here as they are finalized!

This event is open to anyone ~ anywhere!  

However, this is a PRIVATE EVENT - meaning it is not open to the public.

Every attendee must be pre-registered!  Everyone  will be checked-in as they enter.

Anyone not pre-registered will NOT be allowed entrance!


  • Dates: Friday, March 31 – Sunday, April 02, 2017.
  • Event Starting Time: Events will start Friday evening. Arrival time at venue can be 10 AM on Friday. If flying in and arriving Thursday works better, please let us know by email (bottom @ of this post. Also. please indicate if you will be wishing to utilize our Airport Shuttle & your arrival time so we can plan to have someone meet you.
  • End/Leave Time: The event will officially be over early Sunday afternoon after the Awards Ceremony has concluded. Attendees can stay Sunday, of course, if their flight is on Monday. We just have to have everything cleaned up after everyone leaves. We must be out by Monday, April 3rd.



Gryphon's Nest CampgroundIMG 1032 740

About our Venue ~

~ Our campground has over 53 acres of lush meadows and live oaks surrounded by swamps (for ensured privacy). We have enough space for over 500 tents and large bonfires, but with intimate gathering areas like our clubhouse and bandstand. Gryphon's Nest provides privacy, modern amenities, and the freedom to let your real self run wild!

~ There are also designated RV areas, but no hookups/dumpstations. There is a local RV campground that allows dumping for $5. You may indicate when you register that you will be camping during this event by choosing a "Free Camping" ticket.
~ Don't rely on MapQuest or your GPS systems -  never get it right! Also when you get closer to the campground you may lose phone signal!  Please see the Our Venue post on FetLife for directions to the venue.

Other info for those coming from out of the area: 
We will be providing an Airport Shuttle service (see Starting Time above). Please let us know by email if we need to pick you up at the airport:

~ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. once you know your arrival time

✮ Airports are not right around the corner, so we ask you to please plan accordingly:
► Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport is approximately 53 miles from our venue;
► Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is approximately 60 miles from our venue;
► New Orleans Lakefront Airport is approximately 74 miles from our venue;

There will also be limited "Barracks style bunking" available indoors upstairs at the clubhouse.  You can indicate when you register that you wish to take advantage of our "Barrack Style Bunking" with a "Free Barracks Style Bunking" ticket.


Hotel info (hotel cost not included in event fee)


~ The closest hotels are in the city of Hammond which is about a 30-minute drive from the campground, or in the cities of Walker and Denham Springs which are also about a 25 to 30 minute drive from the campground near Baton Rouge.  Please email us for hotel information.


Fees for Ponies On The Delta ~ II!


Everyone MUST Pre-Register!


Pre-register & Pre-Pay

*CHOOSE from Pre-Paid Prices*:

~ Singles: $60

~ Teams (pony/handler, puppy handler) or Couples: $100 per couple.


Wish to Pre-register & Pay when you Arrive?

Indicate on your Registration Form that you wish to pay upon arrival.

Also, indicate the names of those you will be paying for when you arrive.

~ Price Per Person: $70

Register & Pay Fees ~ CLOSED!

Notes regarding single ponies, puppies & handlers:
* 1. If a handler has more than 1 pony/puppy, they would pay the "Per 2 Person Team Fee" for 2 of them and the "Other Attendee Fee" for the 3rd (or more) person.
* 2. In the case of the single pony, single puppy, or single handler, a team can be made up once you arrive at the event for these categories.

Your entry fees pay for 2-days & 3-nights & includes:
* "Party" on Saturday night;
* Two free breakfasts (Sat and Sun);
* Free supper Friday night at the opening;
* RV/Tent Camping (no hook-ups), and
* of course your participation in the events & classes! -

Our Judges

Our Master of Ceremonies and Head Judge ~ Foxy
International Ponyplay Championship (IPPC):
✮ 2007 Grand Champion Trainer of the Year
✮ 2008 Grand Champion Trainer of the Year
✮ 2011 Grand Champion Trainer of the Year
✮ 2015 & 2016 Reserve Champion Trainer of the Year
✮ Along with many other awards in the Ponyplay and BD/SM communities.

~ Foxy is a southern outdoors-man, cowboy and horse trainer. Involved in the lifestyle for decades, Foxy also enjoys all aspects of BD/SM ranging from rope bondage/suspensions to training ponies for pony play.
~ Foxy is the maker of unique Custom made Human pony gear/tack as well as Native American BDSM equipment for the consenting adult connoisseur. Authentic recreations are hand-made using natural materials and traditional assembly methods. Every piece is original and unique!  Native American Exotics ~ Designs By Foxy.

Our other Judges

Ponygirl Charisma
~ Charisma is from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been a bio-horse trainer and competitor all of her life, claiming titles at state and zone levels. In 2005 she became part of the ponyplay community and began combining it with her knowledge of the real horse world to create a more realistic experience.
~ She is an avid costume enthusiast and enjoys creating one of a kind items that range from hoof boots to plumes.
~ Charisma was a presenter at the 2016 EQUUS International Pony Play event. She holds several ribbons in events such as jumping, blindfolded carting, sulky racing, two legged racing, confirmation, most patient, and more.

Ms Lyndsey (aka: Ponygirl lyndsey) ~
~ A horse woman in her own right ~ as well as a 4-event cross-trained ponygirl specializing in pony-cart dancing, Ms Lyndsey raised, trained, and performed in rodeos and other horse shows with her dancing Arabian Mare, "Buttercup", for many years in the Central Pennsylvania area. She is also a professionally trained musician (Opera Singer).
~ Ms Lyndsey began her lifestyle adventures in the mid 1970's as a House Alpha as well as in a Leather Club located in Southeastern Virginia, where she earned her leathers as a bottom and her vest as a top. Besides Virginia & Florida ~ where she lives with her current partner, Ms Lyndsey has also been an active member of the BDSM community in other places across the US where she has lived including: Indiana and Illinois.
~ Ms Lyndsey has been the domestic life partner and the Owned Ponygirl of Tim Ponygroom (who will also be joining us and serving as the event photographer) since April of 2007 and they will be celebrating their 9th Anniversary during this event! They were 2 of the team of 3 co-founders of The Florida Critters group in Florida ~ a real-time pony and human critter group.  They have also traveled to various ponyplay events as well as BDSM events & conventions across the US.  They have appeared in various publications: The Human Pony - A handbook for owners, trainers and admirers; Fringe Florida: Travels Among Mud Boggers, Furries, Ufologists, Nudists, and Other Lovers of Unconventional Lifestyles; Equus Eroticus Magazine; and others, as well as on TV and radio. Together they run their Service House, PLK Stables, as "an educational House to: train human ponies (or other human animals or critters); to instruct others in the BDSM arts; and to assist new or continuing members of the BDSM community in knowing how to keep themselves safe in the life-style."


Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω


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Our Vendors

~ Foxy of Native American Exotics ~ Designs by Foxy ~ will have his vending tables set up in the club house. Foxy makes unique Native American BDSM equipment & human pony gear for the consenting adult connoisseur. His Authentic Recreations are hand-made using natural materials and traditional assembly methods. Every piece is original and unique!

~ MASSAGES A massage table will be set up Saturday and Sunday for professional deep body massages. The cost will be $40.00 an hour. Done by a professional, certified massage therapist.

~ Rhyl of Misc Etc ~ Where Imagination Meets Reality ~ Custom corsetry, costuming, fursuit pieces and other furry items like paws/hooves, tails. ears and can do full fursuits. Custom onsite embroidery may be possible with various pride patches premade. Buttons, Jewelry, Pendragon Chainmail, Pony Pride shirts, caps, hoodies and plushies.

Alternative Lifestyle Solutions will be selling sensual and sadistic toys, jewelry, hedonistic pampering goodies, and more! ALS is committed to providing non-discriminatory housing in the greater Baton Rouge area where anyone can come, and be confident that they will be treated equally, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, relationship preference, lifestyle preference, or hiv status.


*Announcement of other vendors will be made as they are confirmed. Check Back Soon!!*

Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω ~ Ω

Pony Events & Classes


Complete Class Rules (click)

Schedule for classes & Events:

Classes on Friday starting at 2 p.m. sharp:

  • ~ Contestants meeting: to tell rules & explain events requirements and draw team number placards.  Any team not there to draw will be a assigned team number
  • ~ 1.  Pole Bending
  • ~ 2.  Blindfold cart course
  • ~ 3.  Reining
  • ~ 4.  Trainers Class (Questions )-- after supper, indoors

After Friday's competitions, we will have an ICE n FIRE Play Demo with Wolf1333.
~ We invite everyone to come out and join us for a evening of playing with ”ICE n FIRE”.
~ It will involve touching your skin with ice cold chains, knives, and other items. We can make it freezing cold, to where we can use fire to warm you, by using fire wands, fire floggers and Hands of Fire, where you can become “HOT”. This will bring you to a different level of pleasure and pain.
~ We will be Demoing all kinds of “ICE n FIRE” items you can use.
~ So come on out and try the “ICE n FIRE”, in a fun and safe environment. While learning and sharing as you play.


Classes on Saturday starting at 9 a.m. sharp:

  • ~ 1.  Endurance Cart Course
  • ~ 2.  Hunter/Jumping Course
  • ~ 3.  Blindfold Cart Obstacle Course

         <  Lunch  >

  • ~ 4.  Sprint Race
  • ~ 5.  Dressage
  • ~ 6.  Sled/Log Pull

Classes on Sunday starting at 9 a.m. sharp:

  • ~ 1.  Conformation/Halter Class
  • ~ 2.  Barrels Race
  • ~ ** Awards **

12 events for Ponies (in no particular order):

See # 6 under "General Rules"  (below) about total number of events contestants may enter to win highest possible points.

* 1) Barrel Race (3 Bonus Points for Running Handler);

* 2) Pole Bending (3 Bonus Points for Running Handler);

* 3) Hunter Jumper (3 Bonus Points for Running Handler);

* 4) Blindfold Cart Challenge;

* 5) Cart Endurance Race;

* 6) Choose One (according to you abilities that you will be judged on. You can also choose to participate in the other event "just for fun" (ie: Exhibition only w/no points awarded):
* ~ a) Sled Pull, or
* ~ b) Confirmation/Halter Class;

* 7) Cart Sprint Race;

* 8) Reining Class;

* 9) Trainers Class; and

* 10) Team's Choice - (according to you abilities that you will be judged on. You can also choose to participate in the other event "just for fun" (ie: Exhibition only w/no points awarded):
* ~ a) Blindfold Cart Obstacle Course (not the same as #4); or
* ~ b) Dressage Course.

Puppy Event

* Obstacle Course.



Pony Awards
* OVERALL CHAMPION ― Trophy plus pony tack valued at $500.00!
* Individual ribbons for 1st thru 4th place in each event

Puppy Awards:
* CHAMPION ― Trophy & Ribbon!
* Individual ribbons will also be awarded for 2nd thru 4th place.

* * * General Event Rules * * *

* 1. Failure to complete any class/event is a disqualification (DQ) & no points will be awarded for that class/event (this includes the 1 point entry level point as well). **A DQ = loss of All points for that class/event.**
* 2. Olympic style scoring with the high and low score thrown out with the remaining scores for "judged" classes averaged together for the final score. Some classes are scored on faults and speed. **Decision of the judges is final.**
* 3. Arguing, trying to intimidate, or such by anyone is grounds for removal from event and grounds. Judges will not offer any critiques of performance until after closing ceremonies on Sunday. However, questions/demos about the class requirements are allowed at any time at Judges' discretion.
* 4. Any entered cart is available for any or all contestants to use.
* 5. Teams for single ponies & handlers can be made several ways: Same pony with different handlers; different ponies with the same handler; or pony with the house handler(s). However once teams are made and registered, the handler and pony compete as that team. No changes or substitutions on handler or pony. If a Team that can't compete in an entered class due to some reason, that counts as a DQ for that team in that class.
* 6. Teams may enter up to ten classes for a Total possible winning score of 59 points: 5 points for each first place win and 3 bonus points for all running handlers regardless of placement in the final scoring. 5 x 10 = 50 + 3 x 3 = 9. Highest Possible Score for winner: 59
* 7. All courses except the Dressage course will be posted for preview, and practice is allowed on the course until 15 minutes before the class starts.
* 8. The teams will draw for numbered placards and this placard must be displayed so as to be visible to the judges during the competition hours. Failure to display this placard for the judges can result in a no score for that class. Placard can be removed at the start of each class if necessary but must be re-displayed at the end of the class. I.E. Taken off right at the start of the jumping course and put back on at the end of the course.

Fun Games

Everyone is invited to participate ~ these games are just for fun! ALL teams are allowed to have fun in the "Fun Games".

* Cart Ring Jousting ~ Rings will be suspended from polls stuck in the ground. Handler will have a jousting-pole and, sitting in the pony-cart, will see how many rings they can get on their pole as the pony pulls the cart past the ground poles.
* Grudge Match ~ Stallions against mares & geldings.
* Scavenger Hunt ~ An all day event on Saturday.
* Pony Tug-o-war! ~ Self explanatory. This event will be held at night.

Any Questions?
* Email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This event is hosted by the South Louisiana Pony And Puppy Play group.
For Details Watch:

* On the Event Post on FetLife,
* The Ponies On The Delta! FetLife group, or
* Here on our Ponies On The Delta Webpage!

2017 Group Picture used for Equus Calendar 2017 Group Picture (taken by Zeebra).